Friday, November 16, 2012

it's been over a year...

 Here are some highlights from the past several months:
Josh graduated from Pharmacy school!  Yeah!
Mother's day with my two sweet girls.
Aunt Taylee's wedding--nicely holding her dress everywhere she goes.

with cousins.  good thing we saw them all this summer, cause it's going to be a while before we get together again.

We moved to Spokane.  It's beautiful.
4th of July. Someone wasn't happy.  But at least we got to be in a parade.

Aunt Leslie's wedding--my girls fought over who got to stand next to Leslie in the pictures, so once again, someone wasn't happy.
My little girl is all grown up and off to kindergarten!  She loves it for the most part.  Mainly she just loves riding the bus, eating snacks, recess, and seeing friends.  the learning parts not so much.
At the bus stop on a good day--oh wait, jacqui is still in jammies.

Baby Grant arrives in our family--such a cutie!!!

Halloween: our little tiger

a cute cowgirl, before braiding her hair.  sorry adrienne, I forgot to take your picture.  whoops.

there you are, minus the costume, but with a cute baby.  you are always so helpful and even change diapers sometimes!
Jacqui's turn: she finally thinks he's cute (when I first said he was cute, she corrected me and said, "no, he's cool".)  she loves snuggling him now and seems to have gotten over the major jealousy of not being the baby anymore.

Our first snow here in Spokane: they couldn't wait to play in it--notice how Jacqui is in her rainboots and jammies!

After school--making snow angels, until they realized that it's not quite the right snow for it.  then they tried to have a snowball fight. it was awesome.

giving baby grant a bath. so helpful that I had to re-rinse his legs after getting him out due to too much soap!

Kindergarten Thanksgiving play: my little wampanog indian!

Happy 6th Birthday!  we attempted a doll cake like I used to have when I was little--it's not near as elaborate though.  
opening a present wrapped in a diaper box.  she wasn't too thrilled at first.