Saturday, January 5, 2013

funny girls

I think my girls are they are with their makeshift parade, using a pump from my exercise ball and some plastic spoons.  Love it!
Adrienne came upstairs today in this outfit (6-12 month size).

A few months ago--out in the backyard, giving each other a makeover.

 Daddy went out of town for a pharmacy conference and brought back a special treat for the girls.
 Jacqui thought they needed to be eaten at the same time!

we celebrated New Years Eve by playing Twister and watching Happy New Year Charlie Brown.  Then we cracked some glow sticks and watched the ball drop at 9 pm (12 in NYC) and went to bed :)

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  1. Love keeping up with your family! If you don't have our address its By the way Melissa, your sweater in your family pic is really cute!