Tuesday, June 28, 2011

killer whale and painted baby

So, we have been going to our apartment pool quite a bit lately... The girls have a fun time swimming with their floaties and have gotten pretty brave, considering that a few weeks ago they wouldn't let go of me or the side of the pool.  The are, however, terrified of the tile whale on the bottom of the pool.  When Jacqui realizes that she is too close to it, she starts paddling her little feet as fast as she can and cries, "the whale's gonna eat me!"  It is so funny!

The other night, while I was at a Primary Presidency meeting, the girls were playing in their playroom and found markers--this is the result!  Surprisingly, there was only one little mark on her white shirt.  I'm just glad they were washable--but they still took a few days to fade. 

 Sorry, I took all these pics on my low quality cell phone camera...

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