Monday, June 13, 2011

Saturday Fun...

Our latest adventures were last Saturday.  We went swimming in our pool--the girls had so much fun and are getting braver (not holding on to me or Josh every second anymore!).  They had fun pretending to be mermaids--so cute!  Then we packed a picnic lunch and headed off to a fun park.  After we ate, we rode on a little train ride that goes around a small lake at the park.  Pretty fun--too bad I never remember to take any pics.  Then we fed the ducks and played on the playground.  We wore the girls right out!  On the way home, we passed a guy riding a bike.  He was wearing a tie-dye shirt and had a ponytail.  I thought nothing of it.  Adrienne pipes up, "so, I know that's a human.....but is it a girl human or a boy human?"  She cracks us up with funny, innocent comments like that all the time.  I'll have to keep track of them on this blog.
All in all, an eventful day....and plenty of humans and non-humans to see!

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  1. That's just like when I pretend to be a unicorn!